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Kale Pesto

Ingredients: 1 very large bunch of kale – wash, de-stem, tear into large pieces. 1/4 cup of nuts (try almonds, cashews, pine nuts, or a mix) 1 or 2 cloves of garlic – rough chop 1/2 cup packed parsley 1/4 … Continue reading

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Salsa Verde with Pipicha

Ingredients: 6-8 Tomatillos, husk and rough chop 3-4 dried chilies, remove seeds for less heat (ancho, cascabel, guajillo or a mix) 1 teaspoon salt, or to taste 1-2 Tablespoons chopped Pipicha (or cilantro) 1 clove of garlic, crushed Method: 1) Cover Chilies … Continue reading

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Fresh Tomato Sauce

Of course you can always get a quick sauce from a jar, but it’s so easy to make this and keep it on hand all week!  Now that tomato season is upon us try it with fresh tomatoes, but it … Continue reading

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Tomatillo and Yellow Tomato Pasta Sauce

Tomatillo’s can be used in all types of cuisines.  They have a high amount of pectin, and give a creamy consistency to a dish without adding cream.  Try this light pasta sauce created by our own Chef Dona. Ingredients: Onion … Continue reading

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Scallion Relish

This quick relish is wonderful with grilled fish or meat. Ingredients: 2 large Rogowski Scallions (or 4-6 store bought), both white and green parts, rough chop 1-2 teaspoons Sugar, to taste 2 Tablespoons White Wine or Champagne Vinegar Salt and Pepper, … Continue reading

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Papalo – two ways

Papalo is a uniquely flavored herb used in many Mexican dishes.  Sometimes the stems are left on the table in a glass to pick from and munch as a digestif.  It is also used sliced thin as a garnish on cooked … Continue reading

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Quelites Dip

Quelites can be cooked like spinach – just saute in olive oil with garlic and/or onions.  This coveted green, sometimes called Lamb’s Quarters, is extremely high in Vit. A (280% RDA), Vit. K (1100%), Vit C (100%), Calcium and Manganese (50% … Continue reading

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Sweet Mint Dessert Pesto

Use this sweet pesto to drizzle over ice cream, fold into brownie batter, or to top fresh cut or grilled fruit for a lovely dessert. Ingredients:  (Yields 1 Cup) 1/2 cup Sugar 1/2 cup Water 2 cups packed Mint leaves … Continue reading

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Garlic Scape And Almond Pesto

Pesto is a wonderful way to preserve the flavors of summer.  This garlicky treat can be used as an appetizer with sliced baguettes, or drizzled into a soup.  If you have a bit left over try to freeze it for later … Continue reading

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Cilantro Marinade

This sauce can be used to marinate any type of meat, chicken, shrimp or tofu prior to grilling.   Or it can be used as a sauce after grilling. Ingredients 2 cups cilantro leaves and tender stems 1/4 cup vegetable oil … Continue reading

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