Lemon Basil OIl

Lemon basil was on the CSA list tonight so along with the summer squash fritters I made a bowl of this for drizzling over.

Put a large pot of water on to boil.  Toss in a sprinkle of salt.  While this is coming to a boil prepare the basil for blanching.  You need about 2 cups of leaves picked off the stems.   I think it’s more to fill the blender so it can process it properly.  If you have a small blender you could probably get away with a smaller quantity.   Even in my big kitchen here at the farm I couldn’t find a measuring cup so I grabbed a 16 ounce delicontainer and stuffed it full of leaves twice.  Get a large bowl fill with cold water and ice, set aside.  Pour the cleaned basil leaves into the hot water.  Wait about one minute using a strainer or spyder (chinese food skimmer) quickly pull basil out of hot water and place into ice cold water.  This is known as blanching and will stop the basil leaves from over cooking.  Once all basil is chilled, strain and squeeze excess water from leaves.  Place in blender.  Add a pinch of salt and about one cup of good olive oil.  Puree in blender.  Once it’s pureed you can strain it or leave the mashed up leaves in and serve it that way.  For the zucchini fritters I left it unstrained.  Keep unused portion in refrigerator.  This would be a nice treat drizzled over pasta, fish, cheese, even your morning scrambled eggs!

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  1. jfitzjournal says:

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    Delicious Recipe for Lemon Basil Oil served with the fritters featured at tonight’s CSA pick up. Came home and made both! OMG Delicious.

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  3. This really be a nice treat drizzled using Lemon basil, that it is finely chop and add it to pasta with julienne vegetables and a flavorful extra virgin olive oil for a light and it will be a delicious meal.

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