Quick Asian Salad

What to do with those asian greens that keep coming in the CSA share?  Here’s a quick hot/cold salad

2 cucumbers – slice lengthwise in half.  Then take each half and  slice lengthwise again in thirds.  Take the lengthwise pieces and slice across them into small wedge pieces

Sprinkle with about a teaspoon of salt.  Give a quick grind of pepper.  Pour about 1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar over cucumbers.  Set aside while you prepare the rest of the salad

1 bunch asian greens – cleaned and chiffonaded – take the leaves roll them like a cigar and cut straight across them with a sharp knife.  They will be like thin ribbons when you’re done.

1 or 2 scallions – depends on the size this weeks share they were quite large.  Clean and slice across the stalk so you end up with coin shaped pieces.  Keep going up the stalk – the entire plant is edible!!

Take about 3 tablespoons of sesame seed oil, pour into a pan.  Heat oil just till it glistens from the heat.  Toss in the cut up scallions.  Cook till softened.  Add the chiffonaded asian greens.  Cook till wilted.  Remove from heat.  Add the marinated cucumbers to the asian greens and scallions.  Finish with salt and pepper to taste.  You can add fresh chopped herbs to this – cilantro and parsley are two of my favorites!!!  I like this poured over rice for more of a lunch or dinner dish.  Would also go well over a nice piece of firm white fish.

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