Potato Leek Soup (dairy free!)

We have so many baby leeks this week; we decided to make a batch of Potato Leek Soup.  Perfect for this damp weekend!  This version is dairy free, but feel free to add dairy if you prefer.  This soup freezes well.

4 tablespoon olive oil (or butter)
8-12 baby leeks, or 3 mature leeks – discard dark green leaves then rough chop into 1 inch lengths.
1 medium onion onion – rough chop
2 cloves garlic – rough chop
1 pound potatoes – peel and large dice
1 quart stock (chicken or veggie stock)
Herbs of your choice (parsley, thyme, etc.)

1. In a heavy soup pot, heat the oil, then saute Leeks, Onion and Garlic for about 10 minutes stirring frequently.
2. Add Stock, Potatoes and Herbs. Bring to a boil, then turn heat to low and cover. About 20 minutes.
3. Puree in the pot using a stick blender, or puree batch by batch in a regular blender.
4. Taste and adjust seasonings, adding salt and pepper to taste.  Thin the soup with a little bit of water, if you like a thinner soup.
5. Serve with your toppings of choice – chives, crème fraiche, etc.

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