Farmers Summer Supper

I need to cook fast and furious if I am going to eat in the summer. There really is no recipe I just kind of scout the farm and see what’s ready. Sooo, keeping that in mind, I made this dish in the morning so it was ready for lunch and about 10 farmers and I enjoyed this dish as a side with our other food.
I grabbed about 8 or 10 small to medium squashes, 2 large onions, a handful of snap beans, about a fist of fava beans, 2 heads of garlic and some parsley. The only thing I peeled was the garlic and onions and of course the favas. I roughly cut up into bite size pieces the squashes, onions and beans. No peeling just rinse under cold running water, cut into desired pieces and toss into a roasting pan with about 2 inch sides. Snip off the stem end on the beans rinse, again cut into bite size pieces add to roasting pan. Peel onions roughly chop toss into roasting pan. You can leave the garlic cloves whole or chop them I did both one head was whole cloves and one I chopped up. Add to veggies in pan. There were some ripe favas so I peeled them and add them to the mix. I pulled two containers of tomatoes that were frozen from last years harvest out of the freezer and added that to the pan. A bit of salt and pepper for seasoning. Add some chopped parsley. Toss to mix well. Covered it with foil put in hot oven about 350 degrees and forgot about it for close to two hours. It doesn’t need that long to cook but once I leave the kitchen and get into the fields I kind of forget about the stove. Luckily this is a very forgiving style of cooking. I pulled it out of the oven. Spooned it into large bowls topped it with dollops of goat cheese and YUM. The farmers handed back empty bowls so you know it was good if it passed their taste test!!!!

The beauty of this is the simplicity and you can use whatever is in the garden, farm or your CSA box. You can make bigger or smaller portion sizes. Basil or rosemary would make a nice addition. Our tomatoes aren’t ripe yet and we still had some of last years in the freezer so I used that. New potatoes would work also. And you can always add a nice leafy green. Radishes or cucumbers will work also I know sounds weird right? But radishes sweeten and cucumbers add a nice texture to a dish like this. I used no oil in this but you could always use olive oil or drizzle it with a nice high quality oil that suits your palate and flavor notes in the veggies you chose for this incredibly wonderful farmers supper.

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