Fried Zucchini Squash Blossoms

One of our favorite delicacies of the summer season!  The flowers are very tasty lightly battered and fried as is.  We stuffed them with an herbed ricotta for a delicious treat!

12-16 Blossoms, stamens may be removed if prefered.

Stuffing Ingredients:
1 cup ricotta cheese
1/3 cup parmesan
1/4 cup minced herbs – mix basil, chives, oregano, parsley, thyme
Fresh ground pepper and salt to taste
1 egg

1/3 cup parmesan
1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup seltzer (or water)

1. Mix together the stuffing ingredients in a small bowl
2. Mix together the batter ingredients in another bowl
3. Gently insert up to 1 tablespoon of stuffing into each blossom, twist the flower petal tips to hold the filling in.  Do not overstuff.
4. Heat a heavy pan, preferrably cast iron, and generously coat with olive oil
5. Immerse blossom in the batter, and place immediately into pan.  Do not crowd pan.
6. Maintain a medium high heat, gently rolling the blossom as each side browns
7. Rest on a paper towel briefly, season as preferred (salt, pepper, or minced herbs) and serve immediately

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  1. jfitzjournal says:

    Reblogged this on jfitzjournal and commented:
    Tried Squash Blossoms for the first time tonight… they were “to die for” wonderful. My new favorite treat! You must try Cheryl’s Recipe. Squash Blossoms came with this week’s CSA. Now I want them EVERY WEEK!

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